We're heading to Full Gallop, Sporting Days, Carolina Horse Park and Windridge Horse Trials this spring - so many great choices in our region! Also www.sedgefieldshowgrounds.com to groove our stadium skills!

Carlingford Castle completed three Training level horse trials in 2018 and received NQRs for each - one to go then its Prelim in the spring.  Go Paddy!


Our lovely 5 year old, Chesterfield Irrefutable, began competing in late 2018 and is getting ready for a steady, strong 2019!

We are delighted to welcome Danni Wojcik to the team. She will be supervising all goings on in the barn and working with all the horses.  Welcome Danni!

If the weather will help us out, we will keep the young horses coming along - Huck and Thomas lead our four-year-old group, and they are getting back in the swing of things.

We are also working on expanding the x-c course with the new acreage at Reardon Irish Imports adjoining our farm

If you are looking for national level preparation for eventing or showjumping, we have all the amenities and services you need to get your horse in the best shape, with the best care!

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